concept / design / branding
For an entrepreneurship course I developed a concept for menstrual products that change the world. PonPon is based on the idea that access to period products should be a human right. For every box of tampons or pads sold, a box will be given to someone in need. 
In the world there are over 100 million people that menstruate that don't have access to menstrual products. This even causes young girls to skip school or to stop going to school all together.
PonPon strives to create a world in which period poverty does not exist anymore. By creating a Fairtrade supply chain and helping those in need, you can contribute to a better world, just by buying a box of tampons.

Brand design
I wanted to change the way sanitary products are currently designed. They are often very medical or chaotic. 
I created a brand identity that makes you feel like the magical person you are, especially while on your period. 
The name and logo symbolize the mission and vision of the brand: the purchase of one person is matched and given to someone in need.
I created three unique icons to show what type of product it is. 
The boxes each have their own color to make it easy to differentiate them from each other. 
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