Concept / art direction / illustration
Client brief
Rabobank asked a team of students at Hogeschool Utrecht to come up with an idea to reach more students and teach them to become financially healthy.

Students are doing a lot, but focussing on becoming financially healthy isn't usually a top priority. It causes stress and it's not a topic most students discuss seriously and openly.

Together with three other students, I created the concept Wave. The name wave stands for the turbulent times students go through, both financially and in life in general. With the concept we want to teach students to surf on these waves, instead of drowning in hem. The concept includes an app that helps students compare their financial situation to that of others. We also help them see how they are doing financially, compared to themselves in the past. 

I created the concept and the visual style. I also illustrated the characters below. These illustrated students guide the user through the app, which results in a relaxed and fun experience. To push the concept Wave even further, I used flowy lines and wave patterns in their clothing.
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